SP2 on 64 bit Athlon - Blue Screen

  Dave Craig 21:40 12 Jan 2005

Does anyone have experience in solving blue screen problems when installing SP2 for Windows XP.
Machine is a Mesh Matrix Athlon 3200 with RAID SATA drives, an ATI radeon 9800 Pro Graphics card.
500 MB DDR 3200 400Mhz memory, and one fed up user.
Catch 22 - need to install SP2 to fix problem with Pinnacle software, but can't because SP2 refuses to play.
Downloaded patch from Mesh which is supposed to fix known problems - only it doesn't.

Any help appreciated - DC

  hugh-265156 00:50 13 Jan 2005

i am not sure sorry.

what is the error displayed please?

maybe have a look here 'Data Execution Prevention prevents complete booting or shutting down' (about halfway down page) click here

i also remember reading something lately about disabling the L2 cache in the bios temporarily if there are problems installing sp2 with an athlon 64 but cannot find the info at the moment sorry. I may be way off track here and may be wrong. somebody more knowledgeable will know.

  Dave Craig 17:58 15 Jan 2005

Error was as follows:

Page fault in none paged area
Stop 0x00000050

I thing it may be linked to the Video as i also installed extra RAM (not while loading SP2) and this also crashed the PC, indicating Video failure.



  breckenridge 18:05 15 Jan 2005

i recently had a very similar problem with my MESH machine, I contacted their helpdesk and was given the following url to download a patch.

click here

PC Restart After loading Service Pack 2 on a PC with a 64 bit processor (if running from windows update only).

We have identified an issue installing Service Pack 2 on computers that use an AMD 64 bit processor. After loading Service Pack 2 you will be prompted to restart the PC, when restarting you may get a blue screen error 0x0000007E and the PC will keep restarting at this point.

To resolve this issue...

First download the following registry fix <click here>.

The file you download will be in a ZIP file.

Extract this file to your local hard drive (we would suggest C:\sp2fix).

Please note this fix is to be used after you have installed Service Pack 2 from Windows Update and not from a CD. If you have uninstalled Service Pack 2 or restored the PC after a failed SP2 installation you must reinstall SP2 before the patch can be used. Obviously download it before installing SP2 again however.

Once the file is downloaded and SP2 is installed, turn on the PC and start tapping F8.

When the Advanced Start Menu appear, select safe mode and press enter. (As the PC is already restarting you may get the advanced menu option without pressing the F8 key.)

When in safe mode Locate the file you downloaded, this should be called SP2FIX.REG, and double click it.

You will get a message that your are going to merge the registery entry file. Click yes to accept it and then click OK.

Restart your PC and let it boot up normally.

  Dave Craig 22:08 16 Jan 2005


I had already downloaded the patch you suggested, with a similar result.

Do you also have an Ati 9800 Pro graphics card on your Mesh.

I will download latest drivers for this card to see if it helps.


  gNick 16:26 28 Jan 2005

I've been having a similar problem though not getting the blue screen just not working. Mind I've only got a Radeon 9550. I finally managed to get it going with the out of date drivers that came with the pc. I had to disble the drivers in safe mode, restart in normal mode and ignore windows automatic attempt to find the drivers and install the full ATi driver/control panel set. It now works though not with any usefull help from Mesh...

  georgemac © 16:39 28 Jan 2005

I fitted a new pci modem to a mates Mesh 64 bit Athlon 3000. As soon as I removed the old modem in device manager all I got was BSOD - mesh could offer no explanation.

I ended up leaving 2 modems installed in the software. I suspect Mesh built PC's do not like any hardware changes but I don't know why.

If you get back on to Mesh, they should happily supply you with a new XP disc with SP2 and the SATA drivers slipstreamed. If I were in your shoes I would do a fresh install of XP after a reformat of the hard drive - there is a hidden Mesh partition on there to aid with recovery.

I would ask Mesh if they are happy for you to do this and for the disk email [email protected] and ask for his advice.

I think your machine would be much happier with a fresh install with sp2 slipstreamed from the start.

  georgemac © 16:41 28 Jan 2005

my mate installed sp2 without the fix and that screwed up the pc big time - could not restore or do anything.

Got a slipstreamed xp2 and sata disk from mesh and reinstalled xp on top of itself as they had photos on the hard drive they did not want to lose.

The hidden partition showed itself after the reinstall. Eventually I will probably delete it.

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