rien 07:32 20 Aug 2004

On 18/08/04 Auto download said SP2 was ready to download. I clicked on 'download' then nothing seems to have happened, then or since. There are a number of SP2 Hotfixes in the 'Add or Remove list' but nothing to say it has been downloaded. Do I have SP2 or not. How can I tell.

  rawprawn 07:59 20 Aug 2004

Right click on My Computer, in the general tab it will tell you.

  rawprawn 08:00 20 Aug 2004

Sorry My computer then properties

  leo49 08:01 20 Aug 2004

In control Panel click System and at the top of the general tab it will tell you.[It should XP Service Pack 2 if it's installed].

  slim 65 08:13 20 Aug 2004

When I installed SP2 it removed reference to all previous fixes in "add or remove". Now there is just one entry that says Windows Xp SP2.

  BLB 08:29 20 Aug 2004

I downloaded SP2 from MSN Update and I checked the General Tab in System and it says SP1.
I looked in add/remove and it has a list of SP2 fixes in it. Whats going on-any ideas?

  JohnC123 09:31 20 Aug 2004

Where do I get it ? I have been on Microsoft update page, it tells me it's searching for updates then says there are none - I have Windows XP - Pro with SP-1 installed.

  Magik ®© 09:34 20 Aug 2004

dont want to hijack the thread, but mine says the same as johnC123..

  Strangely Brown 09:47 20 Aug 2004

Ditto JohnC123 and Magik

Anyone got any ideas why?

  andyhuz 11:08 20 Aug 2004

I think SP2 will only download when there is idle bandwidth available if you use auto-update. Therefore it may take sometime if you have a slow connection to complete.


  ensonricky 12:49 20 Aug 2004

SP2 is only available at this stage trough automatic updates not manual ones. Regardless of that fact your OS is windows pro and SP2 is not being released for that until 25/8/04.

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