SP1 v SP1a What's the difference please

  buscrew 18:04 16 Aug 2004

Would somebody please elaborate, as I have slipstreamed my XP Pro with SP1, and I'm wondering if I should do it again with SP1a.Many thanks.

  rawprawn 18:12 16 Aug 2004

You might as well wait for SP2 now, it will be out as adisc in various Pc mags shortly. If you have Broadband you can download it.

  buscrew 18:22 16 Aug 2004

Yes of course I can do that, I was just wondering what the difference was. Broadband! oh if only....... man has walked on the moon, spacecraft have landed on Mars, we can't even get a decent picture on channel five here, never mind we live in hopes.

  JayDay 18:52 16 Aug 2004

In SP1a they removed Java.

  mgmcc 20:14 16 Aug 2004

<< In SP1a they removed Java. >>

Interestingly, installing SP2 after SP1 (not 1a) still leaves Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine in :-)

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