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  polonius 14:36 19 Aug 2004

Windows auto-updates box popped up and I clicked to download SP2. Nothing happened, and a check shows no SP2 in my PC. Explanation? Will I get another chance? I read that SP2 is being distributed on CDROM. Is this the case? Might SP2 conflict with McAfee Security Centre? How to avoid? Advice gratefully received.

  Belatucadrus 14:47 19 Aug 2004

SP2 will be on the next PCA cover disk (November issue I think).
Will it affect McAfee security centre ? Affected McAfee products according to Microsoft are:-
" McAfee Internet Security Suite 2004 6,
McAfee Parental Controls 1, McAfee VirusScan 4.51, McAfee Netshield 4.5 and McAfee
VirusScan 7."

click here for the full list.

  polonius 15:02 19 Aug 2004

Thanks, Bela... Further - Is it worth going for SP2 at all? Considering the interference that's possible as per M'soft's own details, why not the status quo? What are the big advantages that might make SP2 irresistible? AND if installing SP2 would it be advisable to disable antivirus first? I see AOL 9.0 might be affected! In what way? I'm becoming very afraid! (Polonius)

  Belatucadrus 16:41 19 Aug 2004

In my opinion no, but I suspect I'm in the minority from a lot of the SP2 postings here. I can't see that it offers me much that I haven't already got with third party firewalls etc.. Some of the additional features look interesting, but not sufficient to warrant 270Mb.

  Djohn 16:45 19 Aug 2004

Only the Home version is available from auto update at the moment, the Pro version will be available from the 25th. Aug but again on auto update.

  ensonricky 16:52 19 Aug 2004

You click yes to download and then nothing as said before. No indication of any auto update progress or whether anything is happening at all. Internet traffic seems to indicate no download is taking place. Very strange!

  accord 17:07 19 Aug 2004

click here for full list of affected products after SP2 install.

  hatrickj 17:59 19 Aug 2004

Your lists are quite different with Belatucadrus's being issued a day later and containing some 'basic' progs like Office 2000, Word, and Works for example. M'soft uses the euphemism may work differently. Could that be newapeak for don't balme us if you get your keyboard in a twist? And datre one assume that because a prog does not appear in a later list all is dealt with? Personally I feel safer now that I've turned off automatic update. Am I paranoid?

  Belatucadrus 22:12 19 Aug 2004

The lists are different because mine is 884130 "Programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality when they run on a Windows XP Service Pack 2-based computer" accord posted 842242 the rather more terminal "Some programs seem to stop working after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2"
Nice to know that they've split the list to classify the nature of the screw ups that SP2 causes. I wonder if there are any more to be found ?

  A&D 22:22 19 Aug 2004

SP2 has auto downloaded and installed on my PC. After it installed I got a warning from Norton Firewall that Windows Update was trying to access bank account deatils from my PC!
Also it does not seem to have turned on the auto security settings that we were advised would happen (see PC Advisor mag) and neither can I see any new program shortcuts for the security settings. Anyone know what is happening?

The add/remove programs confirms long list of SP2 Hot fixes are present.

  Eamonncw 22:43 19 Aug 2004

From where I`m sitting you guys out there are the
brains of PC`s. I sympath. ise with Big Trev and
Polonius and A&D and wish someone would come up with an answer.I run XP Pro as a rank amateur`s assistant and like others on this thread I find SP2 a little frightening. I do keep thinking back to the idea that it`s All American. Hope i`m wrong.

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