Sourcing easy Big Button CD Player???

  bjh 20:39 18 Dec 2008

Can anyone help source a simple to use big-button CD player, suitable for an elderly mother-in-law?

She's not got the best sight, and isn't too good with her fingers. It'd be used for audio books, so sound quality isn't top priority. Simplicity would be the thing.

It can be either surface mounted or Walkman style as she's fairly immobile (bed or wheelchair).

I know from experience with my own mother and radios, that getting an easy to use elderly-friendly system isn't easy, so I'd welcome any suggestions.


  tullie 20:42 18 Dec 2008

I find that with having very elderly parents,the biggest problem is getting them to remember what you tell them.

  MAT ALAN 21:02 18 Dec 2008

click here

this may help...

You are extremely limited to the type of player that will play audio books the player in the link although it does not have big buttons it may be the only way to go, or maybe contacting the RNIB they may be able to help...

  bjh 21:24 18 Dec 2008

Thanks - I did see that, but it is pretty complex and has small buttons (perfect for the blind, I'd say).

I suppose for audiobooks I should say books on CD. I've found a collection of "Morse", Churchill's biography, etc on ordinary CD, easy to follow, nothing complex.

Big buttons and easy to use CD player is the thing. A children's CD player struck me, but they all seem to be MP3 players as small as possible.

  MAT ALAN 21:30 18 Dec 2008

A children's CD player struck me..

And you are on the right track, i searched that route as well but to no avail (yet), i am sure as you have sourced CDs that will play in standalone players it might give you a bit more scope...

  MAT ALAN 21:47 18 Dec 2008

click here

at the moment this is as close as i can get to anything that may suite...

  palinka 22:05 18 Dec 2008

Have you tried your LOCAL society for the blind and partially sighted??
I'm involved as a volunteer in the one in the area where I live and I know they can provide lots of stuff to help people - even those with only a minor sight problem. And they can come to your house/mother's house to establish exactly what she needs.
What part of the country are you in? I may be able to find contact details for your area.

  britto 22:26 18 Dec 2008

two big buttoned childs cd players,
a bit on the bright side and you could always disconnect the microphones

click here

  bjh 22:40 18 Dec 2008

Thanks for those links - I'll start checking them out.

She's in the Epsom area - some distance from me... phew; too far to have to read stories to her!!!

  palinka 16:48 19 Dec 2008

I'm in the Lake district; but I'll see if I can find out if there is any Soc for the partially sighted in the Epsom area.

  palinka 16:55 19 Dec 2008

I've found a society in Surrey that may be worth contacting - don't know if they provide the same sort of services as our Soc does, but it's worth contacting them before you rush out to buy something.
I'll send the detail to your email address if that's Ok.

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