Sourcing an Acer motherboard or just buy a new PC?

  Birdthethird 16:12 22 Mar 2014

Hi, I bought an Acer Z5771 from PC World and it stopped working 13 months later. To cut a long story short, I've finally settled on a £250 payout from PC World (even though the computer cost £500). One of my husband's friends took the pc apart and said that it needed a new motherboard. I'm struggling to get hold of one though. My question is: Can anyone point me in the right direction of one? Or do I just sell the pc as faulty and then use the money to buy a new computer? Many thanks.

  spuds 18:01 22 Mar 2014

Sell it and buy a new laptop with the funds obtained. At least doing that, you should have a warranty and possible peace of mind?.

  Birdthethird 18:50 22 Mar 2014

Thanks for the replies and advice. I think I'll just sell it as it is and then buy something new (just not from Acer or PC World!)

  Jollyjohn 18:59 22 Mar 2014

Take out the hard drive as it will still have all your data on it. You could add it to your new PC as a backup drive.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:04 23 Mar 2014

Can you be certain it is the motherboard that is at fault? Have you tried talking to Acer support? How long was the original warranty and what did it cover?

  imendpc 10:47 23 Mar 2014

The warning bell that sounded to me was that your friend took the PC apart and he said that it needed a new motherboard, why?! What was the reason that lead to his conclusion. Unless there is a burnt mark or something visually defective it would be very hard to see a faulty motherboard! Usually a faulty hardware/motherboard is detected by beep noises or no beep immediately after you give your computer electricity. Assuming that motherboard had failed then what you suggested is probably the most cost effective and convenient. There is a way as a last resort, which is to use a similar equivalent generic motherboard, usually about £50 new, but you will then need "free" technical expertise to make use of it. We are talking about at least about a day's work to do research,buy, fit, adapt, connect up, problem solving....

  Birdthethird 06:40 24 Mar 2014

Husband's friend is a computer technician so I didn't question his diagnosis. Maybe it's worth getting a second opinion? There was no beeping, the unit was completely dead and wouldn't respond after switching the power on. This was after it just having a black screen yet the fan going (it was like this for a month or so whilst I was in correspondence with Acer & PC world).

Yes Acer was my first port of call but they were not very helpful and wanted to charge me £55 for collecting the PC and looking at it. The warranty was the standard 12 months and it developed the fault 13 months after purchase.

  spuds 09:27 24 Mar 2014


The twelve month warranty isn't set in concrete, because English consumer law allows much extra to certain items,Scotland slightly different, especially if a fault was previous noted. So at times it may have helped to do a internet search on particular models,and your model especially, to see if other people have had similar problems, and the results from that.

No matter what PC World might say, they were the original seller, and its for them to give guidance and help, going direct to the manufacturer is not always the wisest move, even though some retailer's will insist that it is. PC World gave you compensation, you accepted, so that was the end of the issues.

I would still be inclined to purchase something new, and dispose of the old unit, in whatever manner you seem fit. Did the person who gave advice about the motherboard, make any suggestions?.

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