sources for buying Microsoft products

  simongy 21:12 24 Sep 2003

Are there companies: besides the high street where I can buy genuine MS software. Does MS sell direct to the general public.
Has anyone had dealing with a software supplier called: Insight Enterprises.

  -pops- 21:22 24 Sep 2003

Insight is a main dealer for M$ which also sells to the public. Most main dealers only sell to distributors.

Insight is reliable and reasonably quick.

  powerless 21:25 24 Sep 2003

click here we wait

  gcs_uk 21:29 24 Sep 2003

I have bought a number of microsoft original products of ebay at much reduced prices.

Now I appreciate ebay is fraught with dangers but I only buy from individuals with a 98% plus positive feedback, if there any negative comments I read these as well.

I have been buying on ebay since last year and out of the 30 or 40 items I have bought only one which was not as advertised (bought Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets but got Philosophers Stone instead).

Just got microsoft works 2003 for £32 and it is the original product.

  -pops- 21:40 24 Sep 2003

Powerless' link is only valid for the USA.

  powerless 21:41 24 Sep 2003

exactly we wait

  -pops- 21:43 24 Sep 2003

Excuse I!

Didn't appreciate the meaning of your codicil, Powerless, until I'd posted.

  VoG II 21:46 24 Sep 2003

codicil? Powerless' last will and testament modified? Am I going to lose out?

  -pops- 06:25 25 Sep 2003

Sorry VoG. Was doing a lot of legal writing yesterday - still had my verbose brain functioning.

Even so, codicil was the correct word to use, it meaning an addition to the main point being made.<;-)

  powerless 07:14 25 Sep 2003

Well i needed a dictionary.

I disagree with my learned friend; -

A Codicil is specific to a will (Mozley & Whiteley's Law Dictionary, Osbournes Concise Law Dictionary, Concise Oxford Dictionary 10th Ed and finaly, see Halsbury's Laws of England at para 251.

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