source and destination on same ide bus? nero warni

  Aol Hater 14:48 09 Jul 2003

i came to copy a cd for the first time using nero and i got a warning that said something like the source and destination are connected to the same ide bus. what does this mean and is it a problem? 14:55 09 Jul 2003

Have a look at this click here it should help you.

Nice name.

  IZZY 15:22 09 Jul 2003

AOL Hater...Hi...

I'm deliberating with myself whether or not to offer any advice. I LOVE AOL. But what the h...

The message basically means that your CD writer and (possibly) your DVD drive - the drive your are copying to and the drive you are copying from - are on the same IDE bus. This can cause copying/writing problems but if your CD writer has a reasonably sized cache and you keep the copying speed down it should be OK.

That was the way my CD writer and DVD drive was set up when I got the comp. new and I recall getting the same warning from Nero but I have burned and copied many CDs with no problem albeit at 8x copying speed.

What you can do, of course, is to copy to the Hard Drive first and then on to CD.

and I don't think it's a nice name....:)))o

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IZZY 16:30 09 Jul 2003

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