sounds from a skype phone ?

  Ikelos 14:48 14 Mar 2006

hi, when the skype phone is plugged in all the sound from the laptop comes out of the phone. the only way i can get the music and such to come from the laptop is by unplugging the phone, is there a better way...thanks

  Monument 16:11 14 Mar 2006

Skype, Tools, Options, Sound Devices and then make sure the settings are:

Audio In - USB Audio Device
Audio Out - USB Audio Device
Rininging = Windows default device

and put ticks in the two small boxes.

In Control panel, Sounds and Audio Devices go to the Audi tab and make sure your sound card is shown in the top two boxes.

  Ikelos 16:40 14 Mar 2006

Thanks very much......nice one..

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