This sounds like rubbish to me

  Ray5776 20:56 05 Jul 2006

strange title I know. My uncle aged about 80yrs been in computer related employment most of his working life including the development of the first commercial hovercraft.
He says that he does not use antivirus as he knows what they are and just deletes them.
Possible? or senile dementure?


  mattyc_92 20:59 05 Jul 2006

I don't think he could... New viruses are made every day... It is posible, in theory, to work out what is a virus but only if it acts like a typical virus...

  octal 20:59 05 Jul 2006

Depends on what operating system he uses, its possible.

  VoG II 21:00 05 Jul 2006

If you delete all unexpected or suspicious e-mails there's a fair chance you won't get infected via e-mail. This won't stop you getting infected by things like Sasser worm, or by trojans that download silently from websites.

I think it is a very short-sighted attitude and he ought to get click here

  woodchip 21:00 05 Jul 2006

He may know is way around a computer but it's not that easy to remove em. Plus why not stop em first if you can with AV. Probably losing is marbles

  bremner 21:02 05 Jul 2006

To be blunt he is talking rubbish.

  splatter 21:02 05 Jul 2006

I wouldn't go as far as 'senile dementure'. The thing is that viruses are ver commonly tricky litte things. A good portion of them write to the registry with various keys making removing them very awkward and time consuming to remove.

Then there are viruses that modify files, sometimes system files, making them all the more difficult to remove. Then there are viruses that sit in your hard-drives MBR which are a real pain to get rid of.

So it isn't actually possible to "just delete them" - but it is infact a, sometimes, tedious task to do it manually. Best to just use anti-virus as this will mostly stop you becoming infected in the first place, and then if you do become infected they can generally remove the virus themselves.

  splatter 21:03 05 Jul 2006

and there were 5 respones whilst I wrote that lol!

  SG Atlantis® 21:08 05 Jul 2006


  De Marcus™ 21:12 05 Jul 2006

Your uncle may well be able to spot the usual virus pitfalls, but that doesn't make him invulnerable to infection, it's a tad foolhardy to think otherwise.

Tell him the Pcadvisor mob are coming round his house if he don't install some free av, or else.

Failing that, plant one ;-)

  Ray5776 21:18 05 Jul 2006

Well that sparked a few responses, so basically he needs AV unless he is very lucky.Not that he will listen to me.

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