Soundcard and Speakers not compatible?

  luvduki 23:32 03 May 2003

I bought a new soundcard: Creative Soundblaster 4.1. When i tried to plug my speakers into it I found I only had 1 plug on my 3.1 speakers (1xsub 2xdesktop) so I can only hear left OR right.

I pressume 4.1 speakers have 2 outputs but is there anyway to solve this problem without buying 4.1 speakers? I mean can i get an adapter to split the 1 output of my 3.1 speakers into 2?

Souncard looks like this:
click here

  woodchip 23:45 03 May 2003

what colour socket have you plugged the speakers into also try just pulling the plug out a fraction or push in, sounds like a faulty Jack connection

  jediknight007 23:57 03 May 2003

Just had a look at the picture there and I think it's labelled wrong. I have the same sound card and the green socket isn't the left and the black socket isn't the right. It's actually the green socket for the front speakers and black socket for the rear speakers. I know this since I have the matching creative labs 4.1 speakers. if you only have 2 front speakers and a subwoofer, then you should be able to play in the 1 cable into the green socket which is the front socket.

  professor 00:56 04 May 2003

to start with, the soundblaster 4.1 is actually the soundblaster16 or as other people knew it by the soundblasterPCI (sly of creative that isnt it?) there are actually some drivers which enable a lot of hidden features on the card like digital audio and playback and many other things i cant remember all of which overall makes it a card worth about £60 instead of its price of £30-£35

if you want the uncrippled drivers email me at [email protected] or you can download them yourself i think the site i got the uncrippled drivers from was the mesh site but ig you do a search for Soundblaster audioPCI drivers you should find them easily enough


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