Soundcard for new speakers

  julas64 09:40 15 Nov 2007

Hi, I have recently purchased a set of multimedia speakers for my son for xmas. I read up the tech spec for the speakers and everything seemed straight forward, but now they have arrived it says on the box, compatible with 5.1 soundcard. My sons computer has a SoundMAX integrated digital audio card. Can anyone tell me if the speakers will work with this card or will i now have to purchase a new card, and if so what will i need. Many thanks.

  Technotiger 09:53 15 Nov 2007

They will work ok without any additional hardware - compatible with 5.1 soundcard simply means just that, not that they 'must have' a 5.1 soundcard. They will work with 2.1 etc as well.

  julas64 17:41 15 Nov 2007

Many thanks Technotiger for your quick response. The actual wording on the box is:
This system requires either a sound card (5.1 channel) or decoder box for 5.1 channel surround sound playback.
I assume my sound card will still be ok then. Do you also know if i am able to hook the speakers up with my sons tv and xbox 360. I purchased them on the assumption that i could link up all his media. It only shows a pc, mp3 player and cd player on the box?


  Technotiger 17:56 15 Nov 2007

Hmm, what is the actual name/model of the Speaker system?

  julas64 19:07 15 Nov 2007

The speakers are Sony SRS D511 5.1 Multimedia 50w. His computer is a Dell Dimension 3000 and i have heard that it is not easy to replace components on these computers.

  Technotiger 19:54 15 Nov 2007

Well the speakers should work ok. Note though, that if a mic/headphone is connected to Front panel connections this will automatically disable the Speakers - just in case you might think speakers not working. There is another mic connection on the back of the PC.

  julas64 21:03 15 Nov 2007

Many thanks. Will keep my fingers crossed they work ok. All i have to do now is hope i can set them up ok.

  100andthirty 21:32 15 Nov 2007

These speakers have three 3.5mm plugs to connect to your sound card. Your computer has three sockets but it's not clear whether they're multipurpose. At first sight you only have one output - the green one, but there might be an option in the software to reconfigure the sound to be 5.1. You will not easily get these speakers going properly unless you can get 5.1 as far as I can see from the info

  Technotiger 21:35 15 Nov 2007

Should be easy enough, if it is anything like mine, all the Satellites (the small speakers) plug into the back of the Main control unit or Whoofer, with just a single connection into the speaker socket on the back of the tower. My cables are all colour coded, so I expect yours will be too.

  Technotiger 21:38 15 Nov 2007

Three colour coded sockets on back of PC are Pink/Microphone, Green/Line Out and Blue/Line in.
The 5.1 speaker setup, if like mine, with have a single jack-plug to go into the Line Out(Green).

  Technotiger 21:50 15 Nov 2007

The system includes two input capabilities - one for the PC or portable audio player and another for the stereo, PC sound card or PC surround sound box. So the connection to PC is as I said earlier, a single jack-plug into the Line-out on the PC.

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