Soundcard issues?

  [email protected] 16:33 16 Dec 2011

Good Friday afternoon head scratcher! Sound stopped in main PC (Creative Fatal1ty X Fi card - requires a power connection). Checked all config's - OK. Connected 7-1 speaker system input (green) to PC front socket - sound OK. Connected same input to green MOBO o/p socket - sound OK. Thought that told me the card was u/s - so - I removed the soundcard from my spare PC (Creative Audigy2 - doesn't require a power input) and put that in my main PC. Updated the driver and now I have sound via the soundcard. To finally prove, so I thought, the main PC soundcard was dead I fitted it to the spare PC and updated the driver. Yup, works fine? So I put both soundcards back where they originally were. Spare PC works fine but main PC now BSOD's on bootup with the original card fitted. OK, I now deduce the only thing left is possibly a power problem, either too much or too little so I change the connection from the PSU. (My PSU is a Corsair Pro Series HX650W with a row of o/p sockets. The supply to the soundcard is direct and supplies nothing else. The PC continues to BSOD on Boot no matter which socket on the PSU I USE? The power LED on the soundcard illuminates as normal. Before I swap the PSU's over to see if that makes a difference, although I am not optimistic, has anyone got any idea's?

  rdave13 16:54 16 Dec 2011

Just a thought this. Is the main PC running Win 7 as this OS can be a bit finicky about drivers. Did you uninstall the Audigy 2 card before removing as this incompatible driver might be causing the BSOD.

  [email protected] 17:21 16 Dec 2011

Yes, main PC is Win7. No I didn't uninstall the Audigy2 card or it's driver after the swap-back of the cards and come to think of it, I did see briefly a reference to "Driver" in one of the fault displays (you know, the sort that never gives you time to read let alone digest before they disappear). The spare PC is XP Home.

  [email protected] 17:21 16 Dec 2011

PS: The main PC is running without a soundcard installed at the moment.

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