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Soundblaster Z and Logitech Z506 sound issue

  Happy37 18:30 22 May 2017

Good evening everyone.

I've only owned this card for all of 4 days. enter link description here

Everything is setup correctly as I am liasing with Logitech Support on this issue too with the Z506 Logitech speakers. enter link description here

I've run into a very puzzling issue with it. First and foremost; the soundcard is plugged into an PCI Express slot on my Q77M vPro motherboard. enter link description here

It's a x16 slot. It's the very last long black slot as shown in this image at the very bottom. The PCI Express (PCIE 2 slot according to the manual.)

Is this slot OK to use ? I don't have any other free slots to use. Here's the issue. Whenever I play a movie, an audio track and I plug a set of headphones directly into the headphone socket on the soundcard; everything plays normally.

Having said that; if I play the same source or any other and I plug a set of headphones into the headphones socket on the right hand side speaker of the Logitech Z506 5.1 speakers) (front right); the sound is horribly distorted, muffled and there are echoes etc.

Is this a design feature of how 5.1 speakers work? Is it a fault? What am I doing wrong? How can I correct this?

Is there any way to listen to anything that might be playing on this PC with a set of headphones; but albeit only by plugging them plugging them into the soundcard? What's the point of a headphones socket on a set of speakers then if the sound is all messed up? The Creative soundcard drivers are all up to date already.

Please help. I'm confused with this and it's driving me insane. Audio sources record OK; be it Windows Media Player; Audacity, mp3s etc. It's the playback that's driving me mad.

Many thanks for reading.



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