Soundblaster Live! 5.1 gameport problem

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Hi all

I am having a great deal of trouble getting the gameport on my soundbalster live to work in Windows 98SE. The gamepad (a gravis gamepad pro) and the port must be OK, as they both work fine in XP (I have dual booted XP and 98SE). When I install the gamepad drivers, it is shown in the control panel as "not connected". There is an issue, as there are many posts on creatives forums and elsewhere about this but NO ONE has a solution.....I am convinced that if I could remove the creative gameport controller from device manager and install a standard microsoft gameport, without the creative one being picked up after reboot, it would work. I have got the latest drivers for the card and pad, using direct x 8.1 (tried 9 but that caused other issues) and really cant think what to try next. The creative gameport is plug and play, and even i install it and a standard port, then disable the creative port it wont work. Anyone here had similar problems? If so, did you fix it? any suggestions are reatly appreciated....

Thank very much

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You might try just the Creative gameport,by disabling the other in BIOS,then once the Creative is installed,go Device Manager and select Disable in this profile,then re-enable the other in BIOS and on booting into 98se it will "find" the other and allow you to install whatever driver you want.

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thanks for the advice, trouble is there is no onboard gameport. i should have said before,sorry, but i added the standard microsoft gameport as per the advise on the creative FAQ's. they said it should work (so you would have 2 gameports installed, but only one physical port). it didnt work, however ;o(

Strange thing is, if i add the standard gameport, to create a conflict with the creative one, the gamepad will work until the pc is rebooted, then the memory ranges (in device manager->device->resources tab) are reset and i'm back to square one.

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