Soundblaster Driver SB0220

  Paranoid Android 07:28 19 Mar 2004

I need a Windows 2000 / Windows XP driver for Soundblaster Digital Live 5.1 sound card OEM. Part number SB0220.

So far all I can find is a 50MB download from driverguide, and I don't have broadband. Creative website only seems to have links to a 'hotfix' file for existing drivers.

I have tried searching the forum, but search engine not working.

Thanks, Marvin

  Stuartli 09:29 19 Mar 2004

The basic driver shouldn't be more than around 3MB at the most - are you including the AudioPack as well?

If you go to:

click here

about half way down you will find a yellow panel with the means to update and install the driver you require.

It seems the SB0220 and the SB0222 drivers are the same.

  georgemac 10:19 19 Mar 2004

the creative driver is click here scroll down to Sound Blaster Live! - LiveDrvUni-Pack English 10/03/2003 but it's a 24 mb download - and it sounds good, it comes with audio hq etc etc

sent you a mail when the site was down.

  Paranoid Android 09:35 20 Mar 2004

Thanks for the links. Drivers work OK in WinXP but I had problems in Win2000. Looks like I'll be buying another card.

Anyone know the difference between OEM and BULK on Creative soundcards ? Do BULK cards come with CDs ?


  Paranoid Android 18:57 20 Mar 2004

Ok, sorted now.

The drivers I downloaded do work (thanks for the links guys) but I had to install them in a particular way.

When the hardware detection comes up asking for a driver, cancel it. Uncompress the LiveDrvUni-Pack(ENG) driver pack manually to a new folder using winzip or similar. In it there is a file called CTZAPXX in the /Audio/Driver folder. Run this file to set up the drivers, then restart.

After this, run the setup program in the Audio/AudioHQ folder to set up AudioHQ.

Job done.

Thanks for all the help guys.


  Stuartli 09:23 21 Mar 2004

Just a warning. You may have to disable/mute CD Audio in your Volume control Mixer panel using the AudioHQ utility.

It took me a few minutes to work this out after discovering that I was getting two playbacks of the same audio CD's tracks....

Eventually I uninstalled AudioHQ and went back to Windows Media Player9 for audio CD use.

  Paranoid Android 09:45 21 Mar 2004

Thanks Stuartli.

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