Soundblaster Digital 5.1 problems

  Sion 22:36 16 May 2003

I bought myself a Soundblaster Digital 5.1 card today from my local dixons, but have had troubles playing MP3's through media player, and WAV files in general. MP3's start off normal, then suddenly slow down, like you were altering a record from 45 to 33 (or whatever speeds records run at!!) As for WAV files, 2 seconds of sound are usually cut off the end of the file.

I have Win 98SE, AMD 2000xp, 256DDR. Does anyone have any ideas at all?? Help is much appreciated.

  ton 00:25 17 May 2003

Do you have onboard sound? If so, is it turned off in the bios?

  Sion 00:37 17 May 2003

Yeah, first thing i did. The new sound card has now totally ruined my system now anyway. In the process of backing up info. and reformattin hard drive. Damn you creative!!! I've had a 3 hour exam today, can u not spare me from this eternal turmoil!!!!

I don't even know why i bought the damned card. My onboard sound was doing the job alright in retrospect. I guess when you build your own system, something is gonna give eventually.

  ton 00:43 17 May 2003

Try uninstalling the drivers, then remove the Soundblaster in device manager. Now reboot and Windows should find the soundcard and ask for the drivers.

  hugh-265156 01:17 17 May 2003

right click on your cd/dvd drive select properties and tick the "enable digital cd audio for this device"box.

  Sion 01:23 17 May 2003

The drivers and all the software installed with the card aren't showing up in the add/remove programs options. And i cannot find a manual uninstall option The only way to fix it is to edit the registry, and i'd feeler a lot more confident just going for a clean install and starting again.

Just not my day i guess.

  hugh-265156 01:26 17 May 2003

have a look in controlpanel/system/devicemanager click on the sound card and uninstall remove and restart and windows will dectect it again then reinstall the software.

  hugh-265156 01:27 17 May 2003

what is your o/s soundcard and how do you have it connected up for 5.1?

  Sion 01:34 17 May 2003

Tried that. It automatically installs its own drivers for the card which cause the system to crash. Ghosts in the machine, perhaps a metaphor for.....yeah.

Nah, cheers for your help, but i'm gonna backup data and reformat. Good night now

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