Soundbar with PC and Heaphones !

  SidCowans33 08:41 10 Jul 2018

I have connected my Sony soundbar and sub woofer system to my PC via the fitted soundcard on the PC and the sound is great ..... just what I hoped for. Problem is that I need to switch to headphones only in the evenings and now I don't have any obvious headphone socket as there appears to be no socket on the soundbar.

The only option I can think of is to get down on my knees and remove the soundbar jack from the soundcard and plug the headphones in there ...... which works but is a pain to do.

Is there an alternative and better way to do this ? Is there some sort of splitter option for the soundcard output ?

  lotvic 16:01 10 Jul 2018

Does your pc have a headphone jack on the front panel of tower?

  SidCowans33 17:18 10 Jul 2018

Yes but it is dead ..... no idea why. Is it only connected to the onboard motherboard audio ?

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