sound from xp notebook only works occasionally

  lozzer2 20:57 09 May 2005

i own a Medion 2.66 Celeron notebook, running Windows XP home.It also had AOL and E-Trust AV installed. at first i had no problem with the sound coming out of its speakers, but within the last week or so i've gone onto NTL broadband, installed ZoneAlarm, AVG AV and CookieWall. now, on and off, i'm getting no sound coming from my computer. when i first installed the NTL software the broadband medic said there was something wrong (i had problems getting the software onto my computer in the first place), which it could fix. i allowed it to 'fix' whatever the problem was, remembered to uninstall AOL (which i no longer needed) and hoped that everything would be ok. however, it isn't. when i look into the lack of sound problem, i find that the computer is telling me that there is no sound device (which apparently is something to do with Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM) )and that the error is code 10 (?). the code mentions usb, and that i ought to uninstall and then re-install the device. if i do not do this, and just turn my computer off and then on again, sometimes the sound device will work, sometimes it won't.
my internet connection is through an ethernet cable. the engineer recommended using a usb port, but ntl's booklet (which came with the modem) recommended the ethernet connection. i have not yet un-installed E-trust, as it is free for 90 days. could i have some kind of software conflict? was there wisdom in the engineer recommending the usb connection? could removing AOL taken something else out with it? i'm assuming that the root cause of this is something to do with the way my internet connection has been set up. i am reluctant to uninstall the sound driver, as i don't know precisely what i'm doing (software for it didn't come separately), nor do i know alot about windows xp (was 'used' to win '98). if anyone can understand what i've said here, and can give advice on how i could sort this out, i would much appreciate it!

  lozzer2 14:46 31 Jul 2005

HELLLPPP!!! i am still having a problem with my sound card. i have now uninstalled & reinstalled my soundcard several times, to no avail. as before, the sound will work briefly, but i'll turn the computer off then on again- and it will stop working. the exact error i'm given is "This device cannot start (code 10)" i'm also being told that i do not have a sound card. i'll follow the advice given by the troubleshooter, but it's doing no good. i have heard that the error that is being reported is connected to a conflict between my soundcard/drivers and my ethernet connection, though i have not heard of any solution.can anyone shed any light on this? (i have tried doing a system restore to a point prior to the installation of my internet connection, and the sound will work-however, my internet connection starts acting up, and i lose my e-mail connection! i end up restoring back to where i started (i.e. no sound)) if anyone can help, or has any idea what may be happening...

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