'Sound' when e-mail received ?

  Furkin 08:07 05 Sep 2009

My neighbour has asked me to make his laptop 'chime' when he receives e-mails.

He uses Vista (of which I have no idea). I went into: control panel > sounds. I scrolled down a bit & found the E-Mail icon. I clicked that & he picked a 'chime'. At first nothing happened,,,, until I looked at his Volume control, which was turned right down.
I turned it up & did a 'Test'. The required 'chime' sounded & all seemed o.k.
I got a message from him last night saying that he dosn't get chime in real life.

Where I use O.Express, he uses whatever BT-Internet comes up with.

Any ideas please ?

  Technotiger 08:35 05 Sep 2009

BT Internet usually 'comes up' with Yahoo - though I don't use OE or Yahoo so can't accurately advise you further.

Perhaps you could go to Yahoo and their FAQ.

  Technotiger 08:37 05 Sep 2009

If he used Incredimail, he would have a choice of plenty of different email notifier sounds.

  mikef. 08:47 05 Sep 2009

have a look here click here you need to load the BT Yahoo tool bar

  Furkin 09:06 05 Sep 2009

Hi again. He did use Incredimail when he first went to BT, but not sure if he still does.

Cheers mate. Had a quick look,,,,will pop round to see him shortly & have another go, with that info.

As in OP, I can access the actual choices in his C.Panel > Sounds,,,, and although it works when 'testing',,, it dosn't seem to work in practice.

  Technotiger 09:08 05 Sep 2009

When you are there - send a test email to yourself/himself :-)

  Cymro. 11:42 05 Sep 2009

The problem with having the BT tool bar is that for Email notification the browser would have to be running. So I have downloaded a small program called Eprompter. It is a little fiddly to first set up but I find it very convenient. It flashes an icon and makes a sound whenever I receive an Email.
Here is one of the many sites from which you can download it.
click here

  The Kestrel 12:01 05 Sep 2009

I use thunderbird for my emails and this has a default sound for incoming emails.

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