Sound stopped working 3 days ago

  bumpkin 18:50 11 May 2017

Sound was working OK one day but no the next (no sound at all) The cable is undamaged and connected securely, the speakers (Ext) work. I have not messed about with anything or changed any settings. trying the troubleshooter gives error 80070584 and it fails to work.

  Aitchbee 18:57 11 May 2017

Windows 10?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 11 May 2017

re install the sound drivers

  bumpkin 20:33 11 May 2017

aitchbee yes win 10.

fb, easiest way?

  Aitchbee 21:19 11 May 2017

bumpkin, I updated [anniversary + creators] on 2 identical brand-new laptops yesterday because I was between a rock and a hard place ;o]. The sound on one of 'em is not working, the other one is ok. I know this doesn't help you here, but I thought I should mention it.Hope you get a solution.

  lotvic 21:42 11 May 2017

bumpkin, try putting new batteries in your hearing aids ;-P

  bumpkin 22:01 11 May 2017

lotvic, what font are you using I can barely read it.

  bumpkin 22:04 11 May 2017

I know this doesn't help you

Anything helps if it gives me clue.

  lotvic 23:52 11 May 2017


  lotvic 00:06 12 May 2017

See if there is anything reported in: Control Panel > Security and Maintenance > and under Maintenance click on View reliability history

hope the font is big enough...

  bumpkin 11:01 12 May 2017

Device Manager shows as having no driver. Searching PC and the web gives no result. Direct download from Realtek site will not install giving error code 0x0000FFFF.

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