Sound stopped after removed Modem pci card

  CLONNEN 19:27 18 Jul 2008

I removed the Modem card from my Medion desktop and now the Sound doesn't work at all. Won't play system sounds or music cds.

The BIOS says Onboard Audio is Enabled.

Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device driver but still no sound. Is the onboard sound called something else? If it is how do I find out the name of it?

The motherboard is a MI MS-6399

  Technotiger 20:01 18 Jul 2008

Onboard sound is called - A97 Audio Device - ....

  Technotiger 20:02 18 Jul 2008

See if this is any help .. click here

  CLONNEN 06:08 19 Jul 2008

No the VIA setup scans my hardware and says I don't have any hardware that matches and so doesn't continue with the setup.

Also tried Update Driver in Device Manager and it won't install when I point to the files manually - The specified location does not contain information about your hardware.

The only driver I uninstalled before physically yanking out the Modem card was the Creatix HAM V90 Data Fax Modem driver under Modems in Device Manager.

  Simsy 06:32 19 Jul 2008

"Sounds and Audio Devices" in Control Panel, click the "audio" tab, and make sure the correct device is select in the drop down menu.

(I'm clutching at straws a bit, and making the assumption that its Windows XP!)

Good luck,



  Cuddles 12:54 19 Jul 2008

Have you checked to see if there is a sound lead coming from the back of your CD/DVD player and that it is connected to the mother board?

  CLONNEN 07:43 20 Jul 2008

The Audio tab shows C-Media Wave Device as the playback device - there are no other audio devices listed.

Yes my speakers are plugged into the mains, switched on and connected to the Line Out socket on the back of the computer. Nothing about the speakers has changed.

And yes I do remember a audio cable from the cd drive inside the computer and it was definitely still connected to the motherboard when I removed the Modem. Like I said none of the sounds on my computer are working not just music cds so I don't think the internal cable is at fault as that would only affect the cd drive.

  CLONNEN 07:46 20 Jul 2008

By the way I have a multi-boot computer with ME, 2000, XP and Vista and sounds won't play on any of them.

They all had working sound before I removed the Modem card.

  CLONNEN 11:05 21 Jul 2008

Can't seem to fix the sound so have decided to buy some USB speakers with in-built sound. They are supposed to work even if your onboard soundcard is damaged or missing so hopefully they will give me sound. Also it will free up the plug socket that my old speakers are attached to.

Just have to wait until the new speakers arrive.

  CLONNEN 15:15 28 Jul 2008

USB speakers work alright so problem sorted.

  woodchip 15:20 28 Jul 2008

The card you removed as it got a short plug in about two inches long that goes into what you call PCI socket????? if it is this most likely is a shared Modem Sound card

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