Sound slow & distorted

  bassmanjones 11:24 15 Mar 2015

Hi, I know this has been covered before but I am new here & previous threads I have read have not solved my problem. I run Windows XP, W8, Firefox. ALL sound output is slow & distorted, sounds like speakers underwater, both on speakers & headphones no matter what program I am running, "youtube", "Media player", "Audacity", all the same. I have tried various restore points, no good. Tried swapping speakers & headphones, still same. My setup has worked perfectly for years, now out of the blue, this! Can anyone help, please.?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:14 15 Mar 2015

" ...........sounds like speakers underwater, both on speakers & headphones no matter what program I am running...."

Check the settings and preferences for your sound card. There's usually an icon in Control Panel for it. As an example, the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" has a range of sound-effect presets and one of them is called "Under Water". See if you can find something similar.

It is odd though that you say the same problem occurs in Windows 8 too (if that's what you mean by "W8").

  bassmanjones 05:34 18 Mar 2015


Hi, thanks for the reply, sorry for the delay, I've been trying everything to solve this. I can't see an icon in control panel re sound card, maybe this desktop is just too old. I'm running Windows XP ver. 2002. with service pack 3. 2.8 GHz, 1.50 ram, not a lot of memory is it. Funny thing though,is it's been running perfectly for years, and nothings changed that could have caused this. I've tried updating all drivers & 2 or 3 restore points, no luck, think I may just have to bite the bullet & upgrade. Bassmanjones

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