Sound Quality Problems

  myphrill 17:22 09 Jan 2005

I dont have a great sound card, probably an integrated one that came with the pc but the sound is clear but everynow and then it goes crackly. This can only be stopped by stopping the playing media and playing it again, pausing it doesnt work. Why does this happen at seemingly random moments? Sometimes i dont get it, sometimes i do.

The speakers are fine as its a hardware problem i think cos when i stop the music and play it again, its fine until it next decides to go crackly

Any ideas why this is happening and any solutions, i'd be most appreciative.

  Totally-braindead 17:57 09 Jan 2005

You could try upgrading the sound drivers, it maybe that the drivers that you have have a problem with them which has been addressed by creating a new driver. Try other speakers or get a lead (about £2) and connect your computer through the hifi, usually gives much better sound than PC speakers or buy a new sound card, a Creative Labs one is best prices start at about £15, sometimes cheaper.

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