Sound Probs (but only sometimes)???

  trev711 22:00 23 Dec 2003

I have recently encoutered a problem, where when playing FIFA 2004, Max Payne 2, NFS Underground, and Colin Mcrae Rally 3, i get sound distortion at random points in the games (appart from CM 3 when the sound is only distorted in the menu area)
I can play MP3 files and CD's without a problem. Its just certain points in the games that the problem occurs.
I am running Win XP pro SP1, and have formatted hard drive, used 2 totally different Hard drives AND soundcards, and even tried using headphones instead of my 4.1 speakers, but it is still the same.
Really frustrating!
Anyone got any ideas??



  Gongoozler 08:24 24 Dec 2003

Have you tried running dxdiag (Start - Run - dxdiag) to see if the problem is with certain sound formats. Could it be that you don't have enough memory to run certain memory intensive tasks. You could also try reducing hardware acceleration (right click on the desktop, select Properties - Settings - Advanced - Performance, and move the slider to the left).

  trev711 12:22 24 Dec 2003

I have 512mb of PC2700 memory, so i should think i have enough.

  Jester2K 12:25 24 Dec 2003

What soundcard?

  trev711 12:32 24 Dec 2003

system spec: SB live 5.1 (with live! drive)
Tachyon ATI radeon 9600pro
512mb Pc2700
AMD Athlon XP2400
Seagate 80gb HDD
Windows XP pro

  Jester2K 12:33 24 Dec 2003

See if theres updated drivers...

click here

  trev711 21:46 26 Dec 2003

I have installed latest soundcard drivers, and even updated motherboard BIOS, but the problem is still there.

I've tried using on-board sound after uninstalling my soundcard, and the problem seems to go, and as soon as i uninstall onboard and install soundcard again the problem comes back. I dont really want to revert to on-board sound as it will mean not being able to use my Live! drive.

  Gongoozler 08:24 27 Dec 2003

An obvious question but - have you disabled onboard sound in BIOS? Otherwise there is always the possibility that your SB live 5.1 card is faulty.

  trev711 17:29 27 Dec 2003

Yeah i have disabled onboard sound, and i have also tried a SB PCI 128, and had the same problem.

Seems like there is a conflict between Creative drivers and my Shuttle AK39N. Although my brother has the Shuttle AK37N mb and a creative SB live 4.1 digital soundcard and it works fine (infact he is using my old soundcard which i changed from because of this problem, but its fine on his system)

  trev711 20:29 27 Dec 2003

I have uninstalled Creative drivers, and restarted windows so that it would install its own windows drivers for my card. This seemed to fix the problem. (which suggest that there isnt a connection problem with my card and motherboard) I then installed the latest creative drivers, tested it, and that seems to have worked aswell (fingers crossed, because the last time i installed new drivers it worked for a while and then went funny again)

I will add another post after i have tested it more

  trev711 13:10 01 Jan 2004

I have had things working a few days now, and everything seems fine.

Thanks for your replies


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