Sound problems,please help!

  prodway 17:45 11 Feb 2003

Hi,iv just recently been having problems with sound skipping with games that require the disk inserted whilst playing.i dont think its the cdroms,i have 2 and they are fairly new and have been cleaned.could it be the sound card?or driver?im using xp and its not detecting a software or hardware problem.the disks im using are clean also.if its a game that has commentry such as fifa2003,the commentry like stutters and misses parts of words out.anyone else experience this?hope someone can help.Paul.

  prodway 17:46 11 Feb 2003 sound card is sblive.

  prodway 22:06 16 Feb 2003

any ideas??

  AMD_MAN23 23:01 16 Feb 2003

It could be a driver problem but also do you have loads of things running in the background when playing games?, run system information and run the direct x tests.


  Antz 00:58 17 Feb 2003

Your soundcard is only part of your multi-media set-up. If your system is overstretched one of the areas it can show up is in sound quality. As has already been suggested reduce background tasks,reduce video and sound quality. Improve these settings gradually until you get a balance between quality and performance.
Incidentally, high quality graphics and sound cards can be held back if the processor is not up to it.

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