sound problems wth elderly twin speakers

  kim12 16:07 05 Aug 2012

Until recently, I have used my two large tall speakers, which have never even hiccupped. The first large speaker is the master,which still makes good system sound, but does not produce any sound from Skype ( Echo is my best friend, but even she must be getting tired of it now!)or various sounds options and has (or had)Base controls, surround sound and sockets for power, headphone and microphone, and is attached to the back of my XP desktop. The second tall unit has a yellow socket which sits in the back of the " master".

Another, green, line goes into the back of my computer.

I have used this setup for a number of years, and it has been a good old workhorse. I AM getting system sound, but nothing from the green input any more. Must I bite the bullet and abandon the old warhorse, or is it something I have done? Please help, gurus!

And if I can't resuscitate these babies, anyone recommend a new (cheapish) set of speakers, please

  Woolwell 18:17 06 Aug 2012

You state you are getting system sounds but you would not get that unless it was connected properly (green input ok). Do CD's play ok? Do you get sound from the web?

  kim12 18:07 10 Aug 2012

I know you are getting cross with this, but believe me I am much more cross. I will explain as best as I can in my 70 years... Everything that is actually right on my computer is generally ok - but whether I use USB sound tools, or standard plug-into the back of the computer, pink and green,to back of computer, large yellow plugin on the second of the big speakers. I have bought 3 different headphones, microphones, USB or standard, and that is ALL I can get. I get any stuff that has been downloaded to my PC, but I don't get anything from Skype. I am sorry I have annoyed you, but not having access to many of my friends in Cyprus, where I used to live until recently, I am desperate to solve this.

  Woolwell 18:17 10 Aug 2012

You haven't annoyed me just confused me! Three threads do not help to solve the confusion. BTW you're younger than many on this forum and not much older than me.

I gather that the problem is that you cannot get sound on Skype. But your computer does play sound from CD's eg Apache and other computer sounds. Does this include the internet? Because your speakers play music from the CD drive on your computer then the speakers must be ok and working. So the problem may well lie with your Skype settings.

In Skype under Tools and Options there is an audio section what speakers do you have selected there and can you hear sound there. However I am confused that state you can hear Skype Echo is that correct?

  Woolwell 18:24 10 Aug 2012

Just a thought - is it only one person that you cannot hear?

  rdave13 18:26 10 Aug 2012

Have a look at setting sounds in win 7 for Skype. Should be similar for other Windows operating systems. Might help.

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