Sound problems on laptop

  [DELETED] 09:53 07 Nov 2003

Hi guys,
I got an Aries laptop from Savastore about 2 months ago and the sound has never been quite up to scratch since I got it (which is pretty bad considering I got it for doing sequencing on!). Basically the problem is mainly when playing mp3s thru winamp: if I open another app, or load anything from the hd, copy things across the network etc, the sound skips. this occurs regardless of what settings I use for winamp output. I figure the problem might be the harddisk read speed but i'm not sure. The sound card is an Realtek AC'97, opsys is XP pro, winamp is 2.81, hd is toshiba mk6022gax (60gb, rpm 5400, seektime 13ms).

been struggling with this for ages without a resolution so any help or ideas on where to get it would be appriciated,
billw. :)

Oh and while I have your attention, anyone know where to get drivers for ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 ? I tried the general driver set on ATI site but XP said it couldn't find a driver it could use. :/

  [DELETED] 10:10 07 Nov 2003

don't know about sound but could be worth a try

  [DELETED] 11:13 07 Nov 2003

This skipping is a common problem to most PCs. Because the computer sees the music as 'just' data, the processor thinks it can interrupt it when asked to do other stuff. If it is essential that the music is uninterupted, (e.g. when recording) don't allow the computer to do anything else- this includes turning off any screen savers! More memory, so that there is more 'buffer', can help, too. Sound is harder stuff to manage than it seems, because of this necessity to keep up a real time data stream. Good Luck!

  [DELETED] 11:37 07 Nov 2003

try this:click here

  [DELETED] 13:59 07 Nov 2003

Oh sorry I didn't specifiy, this is when I am playing MP3s not when I'm playing cds.
I just downloaded the latest WDM driver and that made no difference. So I ordered an Echo Indigo PCMCIA (which I would have done regardless of the skipping because of the buzz I get in my headphones due to the electrical interference).

  [DELETED] 16:47 07 Nov 2003

bitstream got it right, your system will play cd's without skipping because they are read direct from disc, whereas your mp3's are no doubt stored on your hard drive, if you have any other processor hungry background apps, these will take up your power. Just a suggestion, but in xp you have the option to adjust power settings for best performance or best looks, try and find a balance between the two that your happy with.

  [DELETED] 16:50 07 Nov 2003

try click here for a configuration test. takes about 5 mins and should point out badly configured devices or power hungry apps. suggest an anonymous test so you dont have to register. good luck

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