Sound problems continued

  Rogerthedog 14:06 10 Nov 2003

Further to last weeks cry for help (still unresolved but thanks to all who responded). I removed Audio Compression from Windows Set UP as per instructions without realising I needed Win98 disk to reinstall them. Guess what? - I ain't got a win98 disk. Does anybody know if I can download equivalent from anywhere?

  Gongoozler 15:54 10 Nov 2003

Hi Rogerthedog. Without knowing the background to the problem it's difficult to know what to recommend. It would be better to continue with last weeks thread or to give us a link to that thread. If you want to install a Windows 98 component you will have to use the Windows 98 cd.It isn't just a matter of adding files, you have to install to make the approprate entries in the registry etc. If you don't have one, your only options are the usual - beg, borrow or buy.

  Gongoozler 08:09 11 Nov 2003

Cheers. Thought that would be the case. The problem was the fact that I had no sound. As a result I was directed to a link which instructed me to remove audio compression & reinstall. My fault that I didn't read the whole doc before uninstalling. If I do a system restore will audio compression be there or is it too late?


Hi Rogerthedog. I don't know of any system restore in Windows 98. There is a registry restoration (scanreg/restore), but this is not the powerful system restoration that Windows XP has. I really think that your only solution is to get a copy of the Windows 98 disk. Although not strictly legal, as long as your installed Windows 98 is licensed, then no-one (not even Microsoft) will get too upset if you use a copied disk.

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