Sound Problems

  SolvaCollective 16:51 19 May 2003

How do you figure out whether your system takes PCI OR AGP Soundcards. It takes AGP Graphics cards and now I need a sound card but I dont know which type I need or where it goes. Many Thanks all

  roy 16:57 19 May 2003

Sound cards are all PCI. It will go into a spare PCI slot. You will see them in a bank of 4 to 6 and they are white. If you are using an onboard sound chip you will have to disable it in bios.

  SolvaCollective 18:47 19 May 2003

How do you know if your using an on board sound card? At the moment I have no sound or speakers. The only noise I get is when i get e-mail and it makes this kind scratchy beep noise.


  David-235568 10:09 20 May 2003

Hi All
I am trying to connect my Yamaha HE8 to my computer through midi and find that the port is not enabled
How do I enable this port for both a joystick and midi input
Thanks in anticipation

  Tog 10:48 20 May 2003

If you have sound output sockets on the motherboard at the back of the PC then you have on-board sound. The other way to check is to go into BIOS and look for an option to enable/disable onboard sound. If it is there, disable it before you fit the new soundcard.

  Tog 10:49 20 May 2003

Best to start a new thread, you'll get more response.

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