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  Happy37 20:22 31 Jan 2003

I am writing this to ask if you would be able to help me with a recent problem with my computer. The system is a Pentium 2 mmx CPU,384mb memory,80gb hard drive,36 speed cd-rom drive. It also has an S3 Trio 3D graphics card with 4mb memory. The sound card is an ESS ES1869 Plug and Play Audiodrive in an ISA slot. I am running Windows ME.
The problem is that I sometimes get the usual wav. file music play on startup, or even when I am working on something else, I suddenly get a loud crackling sound coming from the monitor's speakers in place of the music that I want to play. I have SINCE replaced the monitor and bought standalone desktop stereo speakers, yet the problem still remains. Someone suggested to change the soundcard as well and then see what happens. Any advice that you are or would be able to give me would be received gratefully by myself as I hope that this is not an underlying cause waiting to lead on to a bigger problem.

Thanking everyone for their help,


  Old PC man 20:49 31 Jan 2003

It certainly sounds like the sound card is not all it should be, but that would not account for the .WAV playing on their own, or is there a typographical error that has made this ambiguous?

The crackling sound leads one to think it's a "dry" joint on the board but to track it down is very difficult.

I'd suggest you borrow a sound card from a pal and try that. If it works you should consider investing in a new one. If not, post back and we'll give it another go.

John /#)

  Djohn 20:50 31 Jan 2003

Seeing that you have ruled out the speakers, it does appear to be the sound card that may be causing the problem.

Before changing it, try removing it from the slot,(After taking precautions for static) and re-seating, it could be down to dirty contacts between the card and motherboard.

  AL D. 20:51 31 Jan 2003

sound card replacement sounds like best option,
have you not got an old sound card or can you borrow one to test.also try removing sound card and replacing in another pci slot

  Djohn 20:52 31 Jan 2003

That's unanimous then! :o)

  Old PC man 21:24 31 Jan 2003

Can you just picture it?? Three of us frantically typing only find some smart ass with broadband gets in first.

Don't you just love this site??

All the best.

John /#)

  Djohn 21:29 31 Jan 2003

Old PC man, are you the "smart ass with broadband" ? :o)

  Old PC man 21:47 31 Jan 2003

Smart ass yes, Broadband where I live? You must be joking. Even the company I work for in a (reasonably) large town, has had to have a sattelite link installed. I think our area has 4% request for upgrade. Looks like a long wait.

Cheers. /#)

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