Sound Problems

  Stoneywood 16:08 02 Jun 2008

When I try to use Windows Media Player, I get the following message:

0xC00D11BA: Cannot play the file
Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device, such as a sound card or sound controller. You may encounter this error message for one of the following reasons:

1. Your sound device is in use by another program.
2. Your sound device is not functioning properly.
3. You do not have a sound device installed on your computer.

I have a sound device.
It is working properly. (It works with Windows Sounds and Real Player.)

Here's the question.
Do you think that Real Player could Hyjack my sound card and exclude other players?

  Stoneywood 16:26 02 Jun 2008

Hi brundle
That did'nt work.
I have tried all these options, including re-attaching all my sound files to Windows.
also had problems with Sony Sonic Stage which stopped playing. Sony support could not help.
I guess that I will have to uninstall Real.
Have been reluctant, as It currently plays video clips. Will Windows Media Player take up that task?

  Stoneywood 16:40 02 Jun 2008

For MP3 and CDs.
Will look for a video to play.

  Stoneywood 16:53 02 Jun 2008

>Tried a System Restore<

Still on Win98SE. Have the disk. and have actually tried reinstall over existing.
Reinstalled sound card
Have been playing around with this for months.
RealPlayer works, but only really miss web sound where the site have thier own player.

  Stoneywood 16:54 02 Jun 2008

You Tube works, sound and vision.

  Stoneywood 17:09 02 Jun 2008

Series 9

Yes, I had singles on desktop which played in Real.
Since last post I have Uninstalled Real and when I select singles on desktop, WMP opens and I get above original message.

  Stoneywood 17:14 02 Jun 2008

When I Put CD in tray, WMP just cycles through the titles.

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