sound problems

  monkey1983 13:24 26 Jun 2007

ok i have had no sound since getting my pc i am on windows xp home edition and when i go into my sound speech and video settings, everything is greyed out?
in sounds it is on a windows default and in hardware it is telling me i have audio codecs, legacy audio drivers of which are apparantly running fine but the location is unkown going into properties on legacy audio drivers it is showing nothing at all no drivers nothing???
I have tried looking for drivers to download and when i have tried to download from anywhere it goes to an unkown page or tells me download will begin in 3 seconds and then nothing happens?
can anyone help i really would like some sound on my pc but dont know what to do?

  johndrew 14:00 26 Jun 2007

Have you checked out `Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices/Audio` and ensured you have the correct device selected?

You give no clue as to which OS or hardware you have or even where your speakers are located connected so it is difficult to offer more help.

  monkey1983 11:35 27 Jun 2007

sorry for the delay.
the problem being that everything is greyed out iam unable to select anything it is saying there is no audio device, no playback device anything and yet in the hardware it is all there and states that it should be running fine but there are no drivers in the legacy audio properties in tthis section. What would you need to know to help me with this, please understand iam no computer genius and really just need to simplify this sorry if i seem a bit thick.

  monkey1983 11:52 27 Jun 2007

ok so i have just been fiddling around went into entertainment to see if i could adjust the sound on pc and it came up with a prompt saying "no active mixer devices available" "go to add hardware".
What hardware do i need to add, what is missing from my pc?
Can anyone help because it is becoming a real pain now for me.

  ambra4 13:15 27 Jun 2007

Have you try reinstalling the sound card driver

can be found on the motherboard CD that came with the PC

  birdface 13:16 27 Jun 2007

Try device manager,See if there are any yellow exclamation marks on any of your devices, if so up-date the drivers. or try ,Control panel, Administrative tools. Services, Make sure Windows Audio is on automatic. There is another way to check through the Bios,But will leave someone else to explain that to you,

  monkey1983 13:50 27 Jun 2007

there are no exclamation marks anywhere of any colour, i do not have any discs for the computer if it states sound device as PCI standard (ISA bridge) what does this mean?
I have tried downloading drivers, updatung drivers but it states that no drivers were loaded as it may not have been required for this to run?

  umbongo(uk) 13:54 27 Jun 2007

find out your motherbord make go to their website download all the drivers for your board install them

if your using a prebuilt system from say dell use their web site find your machine do as above

  umbongo(uk) 13:57 27 Jun 2007

tells me download will begin in 3 seconds and then nothing happens?

check the top of your bar in browser it may be asking yous permission to dowload the file
active x its usualy beige

please post what system it is(dell etc) or what motherboard make

  wee eddie 14:08 27 Jun 2007

connected the Speakers up correctly.

Just go through the Set-up again and make sure that the plugs are in the correct sockets.

Also that they are switched ON.

  monkey1983 14:14 27 Jun 2007

ok some details from my computer, tell me if they help
computer: - AMD Athlon(tm) 900MHz 1.00GB of ram
OS- Microsoft windows XP Proffessional
Version - 5.1 2600 service pack 2 build 2600
System Model - MS - 6712
X86 - Based PC
Radeon 7000

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