Sound Problems

  Nelmon2k 22:56 15 Aug 2005

Hi, My friend has a problem with his computer. Whenever he plays music on it it stutters occasionally in the song. He bought a soundcard (he was previously using onboard) to try and rectify this problem. However though it has apparently made the problem much better it still stutters when your playing. When using musikcube ( this problem seems much better. My guess is that this is because of the internal buffer but the problem still happens occasionally. Does anyone know how I could fix this? Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 23:13 15 Aug 2005

Have you disabled the onboard sound as that is what you should do. May be a Jumper on Motherboard or May be in BIOS but can disable in Device Manager

  Nelmon2k 23:14 15 Aug 2005

Yes, I have.

  woodchip 23:23 15 Aug 2005

Try this just in case the new card is not using the old drivers. In device Manager click update Drivers point it to the CD drivers you got with the Card

  woodchip 23:25 15 Aug 2005

PS it could also be a Windows Problem. So if you have a Full OS Disc If XP put the disc in and run SFC /SCANNOW to check files if 98 it's just SFC

  DieSse 23:34 15 Aug 2005

It's normally because the system becomes too busy - check out what happens if you stop other tasks running - notably any high overhead AV programs such as Norton, McAfee and Avast.

You could also monitor the CPU and HDD useage when the stuttering occurs.

  Nelmon2k 23:40 15 Aug 2005

This happens at any time. Even when there are no other programs running at all.

  DieSse 23:45 15 Aug 2005

"Even when there are no other programs running at all"

There's never a time when no other programs are running - Win itself runs many processes all the time. Some of these processes can be very intensive.

In WinXP if you Ctrl-Alt-Del you'll get a list of what's running. If you click the Performance tab it'll show you the CPU activity.

Please let us know general system specs and which OS.

  Nelmon2k 02:47 16 Aug 2005

XP. This happens even when there is no CPU activity.

  Completealias 03:11 16 Aug 2005

Is the music being played from a disc in the cd drive as it could need cleaning the cd drive that is.

  Nelmon2k 10:10 16 Aug 2005

Its being played from the hard drive.

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