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Sound problem with XP PC

  Hetti 13:29 27 Jun 2012

I tried setting up an old XP PC everything went fine router set up, internet connection great! but there is no sound at all on PC none on win media player or You tube the following is the message I get.

Win media player cannot play the file there is a problem with sound device, there may not be a sound device installed or it may in use by another device.

The sound would not have been used on the PC for quite a long time(I don't use sound) but my brother want to listen to music/radio etc.

  Jollyjohn 13:57 27 Jun 2012

Next time you boot the PC go into set up and check sound is enabled.

If it is then look in Device Manger and see if there is a yellow exclamation mark on any item. If so you will need a driver for the sound device for it to work.

Details of the model of PC or Motherboard would help if you need more help.

  Hetti 14:04 27 Jun 2012

Thanks jollyjohn As the PC is at brother house I will not be able to go there again until tomorrow, will post back then.


  recap 14:06 27 Jun 2012

On the new install did you installed the drivers for the sound card?

  Hetti 17:32 28 Jun 2012

Jolleyjohn Sound is enabled in setup, the only thing in device manager with exclamation mary was chipset update did that, I downloaded driver max and it said 3DP Edition V9.12 (sigmatel C.major audio)V5.10.9.12, needed update so I let it look for the update but it came back with only one result and it was exactly the same version as is already installed, I thought I would install it just to see if it helped but it didn't make any difference.

recap sorry if I wasn't clear in my post, the PC was already set up(had operating system in) i meant getting it up and running to give to my brother, sorry to mislead you.

  Jollyjohn 11:20 29 Jun 2012


Sorry about the delay replying, I work a night shift.

The chipset that needs updating appears to be the on board sound. What is the make and model of the PC or the make and model of the mainboard.

A search for the correct driver should sort this out.

Do you have any discs that came with the PC or is there a recovery partition, these may contain the correct driver. If, in device manager, you uninstall the device, reboot, then windows should prompt you to install a driver.

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