sound problem and a wee bit more

  Andy.F. 15:02 08 Jul 2004

Hello again good folks. Having just installed Win98 from the Win98 update disk over Win95 on an ancient little computer for the young one to use in her bedroom I've come across a sound problem. First of all may I mention that when she was given the relic from the past the sound wasn't working. The computer is running very well with Win98 and directX upgrade....I installed Aida32 and it tells me the sound is .... midi-out.0 0001 004C Yamaha OPL2/OPL3 Synthesis. I've been to several sites for drivers and downloaded some but at a loss as to how to install as none of them has an install icon...I don't understand what it means to put this part here and that part system folder etc....can anybody advise please or tell me where to get a straight forward installing driver...Another wee query if I may......when I press ctrl alt delete all that shows is.....Explorer and Loadqm.......should there not be a thing called ...Systray ?
Thankyou very much for your time....Andy

  Diodorus Siculus 15:15 08 Jul 2004

What format is the file in?

Do you know the motherboard? You may be able to get a complete download for it which will include drivers for audio chipset.

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