Sound problem in webcam link

  BrianW 12:10 16 Dec 2003

I've been trying to set up a webcam link with my son. We are both using MSN Messenger. We can get video communication OK but when we try to establish audio link I get the message that his PC "has a problem".

He is on XP, I am on w98se.

We can each record video + sound successfully on our own PCs and send the recorded video + sound OK. The problem only occurs when trying a live link.

He has tried disabling his firewall but this did not solve the problem.

Anybody got any clues to help me talk to my Grand-Daughter! Please. TIA


  johnnyrocker 12:22 16 Dec 2003

it is an msn issue which is being addressed i believe, get yahoo messenger it work perfect every time.


  BrianW 12:27 16 Dec 2003

Thanks Johnny, but it wouldn't accept my post-code and refused to let me sign on! Kept telling me it needed a 6 digit zip-code and wouldn't accept my UK style code - any clues?

  johnnyrocker 12:34 16 Dec 2003

try yahoo


  johnnyrocker 12:35 16 Dec 2003

uk code needs a gap and upper case.


  BrianW 14:39 16 Dec 2003

still locks me out and says it want a 5 digit zip code.

Yahoo help appears useless as well

So far, I'm stuffed at the first hurdle.

Can't get on screen, insists on going to UK

I hate technology

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