Sound Problem Playing Line-In Source

  Leecher 23:40 10 Aug 2008

Hello all,

I am having problems with my Acer 4920 laptop running Windows Vista Premium SP1 with all the latest updates and drivers (to my knowledge).

What I am trying to do is play the line in source directly through my speakers (allowing me to connect my iPod via the Aux port and play the music without connecting through USB), I am using Realtek HD Audio Manager and when I select the line in port there is only recording volume and not playback volume.

Is this because the soundcard does not support this?

This is the soundcard details:
Realtek ALC268 @ Intel 82801HBM ICH8M - High Definition Audio Controller PCI

Thanks in advance

  DieSse 00:17 11 Aug 2008

Line in is an input - that's why it doesn't have an output (playback) volume.

  DieSse 00:22 11 Aug 2008

I should have written a bit more - You're basically misunderstanding things, Inputs are there so that you can feed sound in to record from.

Why not connect through USB?

Or feed straight to the speakers without using the computer? This would be the logical thing to do IMO.

  Leecher 00:22 11 Aug 2008

I understand that, but that's how realtek shows it,

here is an example of what I mean, although this playback source is the mic:
click here

  Leecher 00:27 11 Aug 2008

I had this exact set up with my PC it is since upgrading to a laptop that i have had this problem, i want to hear in real time what the line in port is "hearing", this is definitely possible which is why i am questioning my soundcards capability to do it.

The tech term for it is monitoring a line-in source through the speakers.

  Leecher 00:34 11 Aug 2008

im not sure you have understood my question...

i have a laptop with built in speakers that work perfectly during normal use but now i want to plug in an iPod or my xbox via the line-in port(the BLUE port), i am able to record the source via windows recorder but i want it to play in real time through the laptop speakers.

  DieSse 01:10 11 Aug 2008

You just can't have playback volume on an input source - it's logically impossible.

Are you getting sound at all?

Does the master volume control not affect it?

Or the volume on the speakers themselves?

A mic is not a playback source.

  DieSse 01:11 11 Aug 2008


  DieSse 01:18 11 Aug 2008

On your Realtek setting diagram - what does it look like if you connect your ipod to the line-in?

  Leecher 01:23 11 Aug 2008

click here

On my PC it had a Playback bar which controlled the volume which it is missing :(

  DieSse 01:43 11 Aug 2008

Look at what devices are selected and their settings, for recording and playback.

My audio card is simpler - not HD - and my settings look totally different. Though it does show that Line-in is allowed as a playback device (!).

If I change my device settings to my USB headphones though - both Recording and Playback controls are completely different.

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