Sound problem DVD music plays but speech doesn't.

  X™ 17:43 29 Nov 2007

Hi, in my English lesson today, we had an odd problem with the sound in a DVD. The music would play loudly, but speech and a couple of other things don't. I didn't actually take a look, because another student just stuck the subtitles on. I waqs thinking that it's possibly the Surround Sound setup, because a helicopter went past in the sound, and moved from the left to the right speaker and then you could faintly hear it, when it was supposed to be behind you.

Any ideas, because otherwise we won't be able to watch it tomorrow, and it's a Shakspere film for our coursework. Oh, and on another note, I highly doubt our ICT Admins will be able to fix this problem, partly because we've got a virus on one of the servers, and they're all freaking out because of it. They're pretty much useless acording to my ICT teacher anywy, lol!

Anyway, any ideas?

  SANTOS7 17:47 29 Nov 2007

Leave it to your IT department, if it goes wrong, who they gonna blame, You...

  AL47 17:49 29 Nov 2007

Ive had the sameproblem beforeafair few timesand never found the exact program but i think downloading klitecodec pack fixes it
This works if the voices are there but are real quiet

  eedcam 17:59 29 Nov 2007

Shakespeare/helicopters / surroundsound 'Pray do say the name of the Film'

  SANTOS7 18:04 29 Nov 2007

could be Othellocopter...

  X™ 18:11 29 Nov 2007

Meh, that's if the ICT department can by tomorrow. I can't really mess stuff up as teachers have limited power. All I was going to do is check the settings, i.e surround sound ect.

  SANTOS7 18:13 29 Nov 2007

A severe thrashing if you mess up then, don't forget book down back of trousers.LOL...

  X™ 18:21 29 Nov 2007

Okay then Santos........

  AL47 18:30 29 Nov 2007

if its what i had and its a network computer i doubt youll be able to fix it

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