sound problem

  dwhiteley 18:32 11 Feb 2011

if i connect my pc and tv my sound echos some times feed back on pc using a miniplug adapter i have tried 3 but when i plug them in seperately they both work ok

  chub_tor 19:13 11 Feb 2011

Sorry but I can't understand what the question is. Can you re-phrase it, perhaps with some punctuation marks so we can separate out the statements you have made. Thanks, not meaning to be offensive but if we can't understand the question then we can't offer a solution.

  dwhiteley 19:32 11 Feb 2011

if i connect my pc and tv my sound on the pc. Echos some times feed back on pc, using a miniplug adapter i have tried 3. When i plug them in seperately they both work ok

  chub_tor 14:00 12 Feb 2011

OK just so that I understand.... If you connect your PC to your TV you get an echo on the sound and sometimes you also get feedback. Is that correct. Then you have tried 3 different miniplug adapters with the same result? But if you plug your TV into something separately or your PC into the same something then you don't get echoes or feedback. If that is correct then I now don't understand what the something is that you are plugging them into. Let me know if I have this correct.

  dwhiteley 14:45 12 Feb 2011

to chub it is a mini jack adaptder it splits 1 signal in to two

  chub_tor 20:45 12 Feb 2011

OK so you have your pc on one input of the mini jack and your TV on the other input of the mini jack? Is that correct? So where does the output of the mini jack go?

  dwhiteley 22:51 12 Feb 2011

no the out put from the jack is the tv and pc speakers and it comes from the sound card

  chub_tor 12:39 13 Feb 2011

So you have one input from the sound card of the PC and you have two outputs one goes to the TV and the other goes back to the PC speakers. Is that how it is wired?

  dwhiteley 16:28 13 Feb 2011

the sound card goes to the mini jack splitter and then to the speakers and tv

  GaT7 16:36 13 Feb 2011

What appears to be happening is that the same sound is emanating from both your speakers & TV - if yes, it is likely to echo. Disable the volume on one (TV or speakers) & you should be OK.

If that solves it, do return to let us know. It helps others as well. G

  dwhiteley 18:20 13 Feb 2011

i have tried that and no differance

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