Sound Problem

  Kaacee 16:31 17 Dec 2007

On my previous PC (which died a few weeks back) i had an onboard sound card which i plugged my speakers into and got very good sound quality without a problem, on my new PC again i have onboard sound card with speakers in the monitor, to be honest the sound quality is poor and i therefore want to connect my old speakers as before, the problem is, when i disconnect the monitor speakers plug and plug in my old speakers i get no sound whatsoever, can anyone enlighten me as to why this is, because i am doing nothing different on this PC that i was doing on my old one, would i need to install a sound card in order for the external speakers to work.The onboard soundcard is Realtek HD.

Thank you

  Crash 16:35 17 Dec 2007

First of all are they plugged into the correct port i.e. the green one?

  Kaacee 20:02 17 Dec 2007


Yes ......

  Crash 20:20 17 Dec 2007

If you plug your monitor speakers in do they work ok? Can you plug your old speakers into another source to test them? Did you check all the sound settings in the control panel?

  Kaacee 20:27 17 Dec 2007

Monitor speakers work fine.....

Not got another source with which to check.....

Sound settings appear ok ......

  Crash 21:32 17 Dec 2007

Check if there is any updates for your onboard sound to see if that helps.

  Kaacee 21:47 17 Dec 2007

I already have the latest (sept 2007) update

  Jak_1 12:04 18 Dec 2007

Monitor speakers will use power from the pc, I assume you have your old speakers pluged into the mains to power them?

  Kaacee 12:16 18 Dec 2007


No they are not powered from the mains, but neither were they on my old computer and thats what i dont understand, is there something fundamentally different between my old motherboard and the new one ?

  Jak_1 12:28 18 Dec 2007

Do your old speakers use batteries for power? My old set did, the speaker with the volume control is usually the one that houses the battery.

  Kaacee 12:38 18 Dec 2007

The speakers have no control features on them at all, they are "polk audio" which attached to the sides of a HP pavilion mx70 CRT monitor, interestingly, the plug from the speakers is an orange colour not green which i would have expected but having said that, i used to plug it into the green speaker socket on the old PC.The monitor that came with my new PC is a Yuraku.

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