sound in powerpoint

  ca 23:04 18 May 2003

Can any one help, I am using XP and XP office. i want to send an attachment with a powerpoint presentation on it. I tried saving as a presentatin everything works fine but the sound, it not there. should i pack and go it with the view attached please help.

  jazzypop 23:17 18 May 2003

From the Powerpoint Help file -

"About music and sounds

You can add music and sounds from files on your computer, a network, the Internet, or Microsoft Clip Organizer. You can also record your own sounds to add to a presentation, or use music from a CD.

You insert music or sounds on a slide, and a sound icon that represents the sound file appears. To play the music or sound, you can set it to start automatically when the slide displays, start on a mouse-click, start automatically but with a time delay, or play as part of an animation sequence. If you don't want the icon to be visible, you can drag it off the slide and set up the sound to play automatically.

If Microsoft PowerPoint doesn't support a particular media type or feature and cannot play a sound file, you can try playing it in Microsoft Windows Media Player, which is part of Microsoft Windows and plays multimedia files in PowerPoint when you insert the sound as an object.

You need speakers and a sound card on your computer to play music and sounds. To find out what's installed and what settings are in use, check the multimedia and sounds settings in Windows Control Panel.

By default, sounds are automatically linked to your file, rather than embedded in it, if they are greater than 100 KB in size. You can change this default to be more or less than 100 KB. When your presentation has linked files, you must copy the linked files as well as the presentation if you are going to be giving the presentation on another computer."

To change the size at which files are linked / embeded, go to Tools > Options > General, change it to a size larger than your sound file, then re-save and resend

  ca 23:25 18 May 2003

sorry this did not work i tried all that and maybe i should have said that if works fine on my machine but when i send it to anyone the sounds not there. i saved it has a presentation and has a file nothing works. i should say that the sound is from the windows own sound files

  jazzypop 23:35 18 May 2003

Ok, here's a workaround (although the solution above certainly should have worked).

Using Windows Explore, find the sound file that you want to include (in XP, the Windows sounds are stored in C:\Windows\Media).

Right-click the sound file, choose Copy, then navigate to where you are storing your presentation (My Documents?), right-click the folder and choose Paste.

Check that you have a copy of the sound file (e.g. bleep.wav) in the same folder as your presentation.

Open your presentation, delete the sound file. Then insert the sound file again, making sure that you navigate to the folder where you stored the copy of the sound file, not the original (e.g. My Documents).

Choose Save As, save the presentation again with a slightly different file name, but in the same folder as the original presentation,

Now email the presentation and the copy of the sound file (that are both in the same folder). Tell the recipient to save both the presentation and the sound file to the same folder, then run the presentation.

Out of interest, how big is the sound file, and how big did you set the embed / link threshold to?

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