Sound only coming out of one speaker

  WNS Ltd 15:25 23 Feb 2004

Hi I have onboard sound with a K7SOM+ Socket A Version 5.1 Motherboard made by elitegroup however i only have sound coming out of the left speaker. I have tried putting in speakers from another computer however the same problem happens. I did build the system with my friend. (I am not brilliant with building them as this was my first task) but im wondering whether it is a jumper setting or something. However all this confuses me at times. I've tried looking in the motherboard manual but stuck what to do. If anybody could help then this we be great. Cheers

  The Dark Sage 15:32 23 Feb 2004

Has the balance been altered to one side or the other? Put it back in the middle and see if it comes out of both speakers

  WNS Ltd 15:40 23 Feb 2004

No I have already tried this mate. All of the controls are in the middle. :(

  The Dark Sage 15:45 23 Feb 2004

Not surea about this but it could be that the on board sound that you are using is only cabable of producing Mono sound rather than Stereo sound. If this was the case it would explain why you are only getting sound out of the left (Mono) speaker.

Do you know if the on board sound gives out stereo?

  WNS Ltd 15:53 23 Feb 2004

I ahvent got a clue "The Dark Sage" i have just flicked through the manual and it doesnt say anything about being Stero or Mono. They have both work previoulsy when i was using ME, however since I have upgraded to XP it doesnt. The drivers are installed tho. and i have got updates from windows.

  Tog 16:12 23 Feb 2004

Have you upgraded the motherboard drivers from the manufacturer's website?

  Chaz10 16:14 23 Feb 2004

I once had this problem, it turned out to be a duff audio cable from the cd drive to the motherboard.does sound only come out of 1 speaker when starting up? if so that would blow my theory out of the water.....

  NBP Ltd 16:17 23 Feb 2004

hi mate howz one.

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