Sound only coming from one side of speakers/headphones

  MarvinNaicker 19:38 02 Dec 2014


Just recently I've purchased and install an Asus Xonar DSX soundcard for use with my headphones (AD700x) H However after about 3 days with only about 3 hours use, sound would only come out of my left earphone. I tried reseating the soundcard to no avail, I the had to shoot out the house to pick my little one up, came back and the sound was working again, however onnly for about an hour before the problem popped up again. I've tried plugging my speaker into the sound card input and the same problem persists (my speakers have been working fine for about 4 years before this) I've also tried plugging everything into my motherboards audio inputs with no success. I've also just completely reinstalled Windows 7 to see if that can fix the problem but it STILL persists! I'm totally at a loss and pretty annoyed by this now so any help would be greatly appreciated.

SPECS: i7 4790 GTX 780 Ti 16GB RAM Asus Maximus Hero VII Mobo

Cheers, Marv

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:53 02 Dec 2014

Remove the card and see if sound is OK off the motherboard.

  MarvinNaicker 19:58 02 Dec 2014

Tried removing the card earlier, I actually just competely formatted and reinstalled windows and started it up without the card installed and the problem is still there.

The card IS currently on my motherboard though, so should I try removing it again?

  MarvinNaicker 20:26 02 Dec 2014

So I've just tried turning the volume right up, then using 'configure speakers' to test both the left and right. The left plays fine on both my headphones and speakers. When I test the right speaker, it comes through really quietly through the left speaker/headphone.

  MarvinNaicker 20:32 02 Dec 2014

Sorry for posting so much.

I've just unplugged my headphones and tried plugging them into the Wii U gamepad to see what happens, it didn't work BUT I now plugged them back into the soundcard audio input and voila they work! HOWEVER this HAS happened earlier and then the sound went again so I'm wondering if any sense can be made of this utterly strange behaviour before it happens again?

  bumpkin 20:36 02 Dec 2014

* I've tried plugging my speaker into the sound card input *

If that is what you actually mean then it should be plugged into the output.

  MarvinNaicker 20:45 02 Dec 2014

Yea I meant output I'm just an idiot lol

It IS working again now but I'm scared to even listen to anything. I did uninstall the Realtek HD audio drivers so could they perhaps clash with the sound card drivers? It didnt make a different though until I unplugged and then plugged my headphones back in though.

  wee eddie 20:49 02 Dec 2014

It sounds to me as if the Contacts on the Socket are misplaced

  MarvinNaicker 21:00 02 Dec 2014

Yea, reinstalling windows itself didn't change a thing so perhaps your right. I guess i can only be careful and hope for the best for the time being.

  britto 21:38 02 Dec 2014

you may need to disable the onboard sound in bios settings ?

  MarvinNaicker 21:49 02 Dec 2014

Ah ok, I'll give that a shot should the same thing happen again cheers. Thanks for replies, I know I didn't give much to go by but it's appreciated folks.

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