Sound not working - will this be a better solution

  xania 13:07 06 Dec 2010

I had to install Windows on a Dell PC without the benefit of the mb drivers so the sound is not working. Tried the website but the driver they offer for the PC failed. Rather than struggle with all the options for fixing, I was considering getting a PCI card, after all they are harding going to break the bank. However, stubbled across a new type USB device on Ebay

click here

Any views on this sort of device. Seems very cheap and you don't even need to open the box. Sound quality is not a particular issue as long as its steady.

  GaT7 13:33 06 Dec 2010

Can't go wrong for the £1.55 delivered price I guess. I think build quality is poor & it can be hit & miss at times.

Some mixed reviews at Amazon click here & click here for similar items. A Speedlink branded one gets mostly good reviews click here.

This has been around for a long time by the way. G

  xania 13:53 06 Dec 2010

Thx Crossbow7

  GaT7 14:35 06 Dec 2010

I thought you may consider gengiscant's offer to help. Perhaps you gave up too easily earlier?

By the way, installing drivers are not as straightforward as they need to be - see this recent thread click here. G

  xania 17:59 06 Dec 2010

I have my doubts about the condition of thre on-board sound. I don't have the details of the PC to hand but I keyed in the actual PC into the Dell web page and got the correct up-to-date drivers, but the sound one did not work. I don't have the time to spend trying to break the problem so this USB devices looked to be the better option. I do like the Speedlink - the reports seem more fovourable and a little more is worth it!

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