Sound but no sound.......

  Seadog 20:35 26 Oct 2008

I have just tried to play back a DVD movie on my computer that worked ok a week or so ago.
I have sound in the form of background sound i.e. the accompanying music and even the sounds of birds but no voices at all.
It seems as though the voice soundtrack has been removed.
The disc plays ok in a dvd player and on another computer so it is something wrong with my computer.
All volume settings are correct.(nothing muted)
Using windows xp and cyberlink power dvd 7.
Any suggestions welcome.

  Stuartli 20:50 26 Oct 2008

Try a System Restore to just before the problem started.

If this cures it, you can then reverse the restore point to the original setting (this works with minor problems for me).

  Technotiger 21:00 26 Oct 2008

Begging Seadog's pardon ...

"reverse the restore point to the original setting"

Two points ... How?
and ... If System Restore is successful, why would one want to do this?

Or am I just showing my age :-)

  Seadog 21:20 26 Oct 2008

I've tried system restore - no good!
It appears to be only this movie though, maybe there's a codec I have deleted or something when I tidied up the computer a few days ago after fitting a new graphics card,
Thing is, it must be something on my computer 'cos it plays on my laptop and in the dvd player on our's not that important but things like this really wind me up! It should work!!

  Technotiger 21:23 26 Oct 2008

Download the latest Codec pack ... click here

  Seadog 23:02 26 Oct 2008

Thanks Technotiger but still no good. nothing has changed after installing the codec pack.
I have sound on a couple of tv serials that I have on dvd but not on others?!
By the way, it's the same if I urs windows media player to play the discs so it is definately something to do with this computer.

  Stuartli 23:38 26 Oct 2008

I should have stated that I make a System Restore point before going back to a previous one.

If this works you can (normally) reinstate the original restore point.

The usual reason for needing to do this for me is if I install a new version of the ATi graphics card driver (I use ATi Tray Tools rather than the Catalyst software as it's smaller, yet does the same job).

Installing the new driver puts all my Desktop icons out of joint and I detest having to drag and drop them all back to their desired placements.

So I do a Restore point before going back to one just before the drivers installation - this returns the Desktop to my preferred layout.

I then reinstate the current day's System Restore point; the Desktop remains as I want it.

  100andthirty 07:26 27 Oct 2008

I would check that the sound card settings haven't changed. My computer routinely changes from 5.1 speakers to 2.1 speakers!

this is done through the sound icon in the control panel

  Seadog 07:42 27 Oct 2008

Done that, my computer does the same as yours, changes regularly from 5.1 to stereo speakers.
I have even re-installed the sound card drivers to no effect.

  Technotiger 08:44 27 Oct 2008

Thanks - understand now!

My sound card is the Creative SoundBlaster Audigy2, with 5.1 surround sound which also regularly reverts the speaker setup to 2.1 - I have 5 speakers plus whoofer. Been going on for so long now, I have got used to it, only takes a second or so to re-set the speakers when I feel the need. But I have never lost the sound.

Perhaps running click here in its default settings, might sort it?

  Seadog 09:08 27 Oct 2008

I use ccleaner on a regular basis to tidy things up - no good I'm afraid.
However,I have just re-booted the computer and all is well again, so something I've done has worked.
Thanks for the advice guys!

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