Sound - mic input problem.

  [email protected] 16:58 17 Nov 2011

Mic is servicable - checked on another PC. Mic is enabled and volume set. Mic is detected when connected as "You have just plugged in" etc.. by RealTech Audio manager. - but - no levels can be detected in Input Device setup.

Sound Output continues to work fine. Sound is On-Board on Intel D525MW Atom micro ATX running Vista.. Can on-board sound fail in this way?

Anybody? Thanks.

  eedcam 18:41 17 Nov 2011

Mic is plugged in assume its USB usb mics at least mine and most I looked at have their own sound card and need to be selected in whichever programe you are using ie Audacity /adobe Audition whatever

  [email protected] 18:46 17 Nov 2011

Mic is mini phono in the Pink socket. I have tried a known serviceable Webcam with integral mic (USB) after unplugging the simple mic and have the same problem? Drivers for the on-board sound and the web-cam are up to date. The Realtech on-board sound manager has the mic enabled.

  eedcam 20:08 17 Nov 2011

Ok there is more than one box setting regarding Mics one in the volume control which need s to be unmuted/unticked and also in sounds and devices check both audio and voice tabs

  [email protected] 09:07 18 Nov 2011

Correction: When I stated "Mic is mini phono.." I did of course mean "Mic is mini jack plug...", sorry. I have already covered those eedcam, and the frustrating thing is everything tells me it should work! Device manager says so, driver update says so, Realtech Sound manager says so, mic is enabled in several boxes, locations but I realise it only takes one to be missed.

  eedcam 10:17 18 Nov 2011

As you say it only takes one box to beticked/unticked easy mistake is a tick mutes in the volume conmtrol amd selects in the recording control mixer .Have to run Test hardware in the sound and audio devices >voice tab

  [email protected] 17:51 02 Dec 2011

Problem unresolved. PC now working with sound in/out via USB external sound card.

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