sound jumping from speaker to speaker

  User-64D62968-5522-4E46-AE56B110D4D43D44 10:25 09 Jul 2006

pleas help only got sound on one speaker then on other speaker gets sound every now and again or not at all are my speakers knackered.thankyou

  rezeeg 10:40 09 Jul 2006

You don't mention your set-up.

Have you checked all connections?

  Stuartli 10:45 09 Jul 2006

It could be that the speakers' jackplug connection is not properly connected, either at the sound card's socket or that of one or more of the speakers, or the wiring is damaged.

  spuds 10:57 09 Jul 2006

Check out Stuartli's suggestion, sound like loose or damaged connections.

Jiggle the cable(s) around, and see what happens!.

could be wire when move it get sound on other speaker but not all time. does that mean have to buy new speakers....

  SANTOS7 12:25 09 Jul 2006

A fair test would be to try another set of speakers,
no point in buying new ones just to find out it's the socket not the plug...

  rezeeg 12:36 09 Jul 2006

Try swapping the speakers around to see if it's the speaker or the plug/socket.

  spuds 12:45 09 Jul 2006

You don't actually mention what the speakers are, whether that a basic computer speakers or something else, like on an hifi unit.

If they are the basic type, as used on computers, then these can be obtained from about £3.99 upwards for a pair. Might be worth considering this alternative, instead of trying to remedy a intermittent fault.

thanks bought some new speakers problem solved than you for ideas...x

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