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Sound issue since Windows update

  Bradm 21:39 19 Feb 2020


I have a Bose Companion speaker system plugged into my laptop via a 3.5mmm jack. This has worked perfectly for years, UNTIL frustratingly, the latest Windows update last week!

I've tested the laptop by plugging in headphones and they work. I've tested the Bose system by plugging in an iPhone and music plays perfectly. So it can't be a hardware issue.

I've updated the audio driver and still no resolve. I've disabled the microphone, but no difference. I have also changed the 3.5mm lead between the Bose system and laptop = no change.

The problem is that the laptop no longer recognises when the 3.5mm plug from the Bose system is plugged in and plays music via the internal laptop speakers, whilst the Bose system through its speakers sounds an interference noise, a tapping and clicking sound.

Any help would be appreciated.

  difarn 23:24 19 Feb 2020

Have you tried rolling back the audio driver or reinstalling it in compatability mode?

  Bradm 10:11 20 Feb 2020

Tried both and no improvement

  Bradm 10:22 20 Feb 2020

The sound driver clearly works as it plays music through the laptop's speakers, so is it the audio output that's the issue? Why does it play music when headphones are plugged in but not when the Bose system is? Very odd!

  difarn 12:56 20 Feb 2020

Forgive me for suggesting this but have you checked to see that your external speakers have been set as default?

  Bradm 17:37 20 Feb 2020

Yes "Speaker/HP" is set as default.

  wee eddie 17:53 20 Feb 2020

Assuming that your Laptop might be an HP one, is not Speaker/HP defining the built-in Speakers

  Bradm 17:56 20 Feb 2020

My laptop is Sony, not HP. And yes I think you're right that they relate to the internal laptop speakers. How do I add a Playback Device for external speakers (Bose) which as just plugged in via the 3.5mm jack?

  wee eddie 18:29 20 Feb 2020

I can only think that there might be a problem with the Speakers' Power Supply

  Bradm 19:15 20 Feb 2020

Although they work perfectly when I plug in my iPhone to play music.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:23 20 Feb 2020

Look in device manage to see if you have two sets of drivers for sound, if so then switch from the current set to the other set. Windows has a tenancy to revert to native drivers after an update.

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