Sound icon vanished off taskbar

  daihatsu 13:01 01 May 2017

So pretty much as the Title Says. Windows decided it would install an update, and when I came back on after restarting, the sound icon had vanished off the taskbar. This has been going for a few days now.

But that's no problem right? Just right click on the taskbar -> settings -> "select which icons appear on the taskbar -> put sound on? Except it says that the sound IS on the taskbar, when it quite clearly isn't. I tried turning it off, and then putting it back on again, but nothing happened.

Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate any help on this, thanks. Probably just missing something obvious.

  lotvic 13:28 01 May 2017

Try the setting 'Turn system icons on or off' (it's just underneath the 'Select which icons appear on the taskbar')

  daihatsu 15:10 01 May 2017

Hmm, I went onto what you described, and the sound-on-taskbar on/off button was there, but greyed out (on the 'on'setting). I can't change anything through that route.

  lotvic 19:17 01 May 2017

Try this Registry edit: the step by step instructions are on thread clickhere

  lotvic 19:19 01 May 2017

Also on click here and don't forget to restart pc afterwards.

  daihatsu 17:26 02 May 2017

Yeah, that's fixed the problem great! Thanks a lot, that's greatly appreciated. You didn't have to do this...

  lotvic 17:43 02 May 2017

...but I did it anyway :) pass it on, do something nice for someone else, then they do something for another, etc - makes the world a nicer place :)

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